Guillaume Bouchard

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Guillaume Bouchard was born in Paris in 1977 from Quebecers parents, growing up in the middle of organs, harpsichord and violas da gamba. He began his own musical journey with a classical training on violin, switching to bass at fifteen. He started playing jazz in 1995, went on to study with Michel Donato and later had lessons with such masters as Oliver Jones and Jimmy Cobb.

He started to play in Québec and after a few visits in the United States, he established himself in France where he stayed for three years, recording with artists such as Bruno Micheli (2004), Ninine Garcia (2004 and 2006) and Michel Donato (2006).

His path now leads him between France and Canada as leader-composer and sideman. His albums Basse continue(2014), Hivers jazz (2012), Bleu et blanc (2011) and Chemins (2009) feature his own compositions in a quartet with Michel Côté, André Lachance and François Côté. He can also be heard in a duo with Alain Boies on Itinéraire bis (2014).

He also played with Angelo Debarre, Dany Doriz, Wray Downes, Marc Fosset, Michel Lambert, Patrick Saussois, Reg Schwager and Mike Rud, among others.